Motherdom is a new mental wellbeing magazine for parents of little ones

I’m Anna Ceesay. I’m a former BBC journalist and a mum-of-two with personal experience of maternal mental health issues. (My daughter is nearly 6 and my son is 2.)

I experienced low mood and anxiety during my second pregnancy. I’m incredibly thankful that I got the help I needed, but after I started to feel better, I realised that the information out there about parents’ mental wellbeing was still quite fragmented. I wanted to create a space to put it all together.

I’m launching Motherdom because I believe that we need a mainstream media platform dedicated to parents’ mental wellbeing. Being a parent to young children can be joyful and wonderful in so many ways – but it can also be tough. It’s important to look after our minds (and bodies), so we’re the happiest parents we can be.

I wanted to share my story and let other parents know they’re not alone. Motherdom is not full of depressing stories about how awful it is to be a parent. We know that we are truly blessed to have children, and of course, we need to give them all the love and care in the world. But we also need to focus on us, as parents. As individuals. As women and men. So Issue 1 is packed full of interviews with healthcare and wellbeing experts, entrepreneurs, influencers, charity workers, and parents with “lived experience” of maternal mental health issues. It also has lifestyle features including mindfulness activities for you and your and kids, physical exercises you can do at home and healthy (yet realistic!) recipes. And it’s being backed by some of the country’s leading experts in maternal mental health, who form my Editorial Board.

Motherdom is for all parents with kids under 5 who are interested in maintaining positive wellbeing.

The magazine officially launched on Mother’s Day (March 31st) – here’s how you can get hold of your copy:

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