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Motherdom is the UK’s first media platform dedicated to maternal mental health and wellbeing. Our content is packed with real-life stories, expert advice, yummy recipes and something to giggle at too. Our vision is to create a world of happier parents.

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I’m Anna Ceesay, the Founding Editor of Motherdom. I’m a former BBC journalist and a mum-of-two with personal experience of maternal mental health issues. My daughter is seven and my son is four.

I experienced low mood and anxiety during my second pregnancy. I’m incredibly thankful that I got the help I needed, but after I started to feel better, I realised that the information out there about parents’ mental wellbeing was still quite fragmented. I wanted to create a space to put it all together.

I launched Motherdom because I believe that we need a mainstream media platform dedicated to parents’ mental wellbeing. Being a parent to young children can be joyful and wonderful in so many ways, but it can also be tough. It’s important to look after our minds (and bodies), so we’re the happiest parents we can be.

I wanted to share my story and let other parents know they’re not alone. Motherdom is not full of depressing stories about how awful it is to be a parent. We know that we are truly blessed to have children, and of course, we need to give them all the love and care in the world. But we also need to focus on us, as parents. As individuals. As women and men.

And it’s being backed by some of the country’s leading experts in maternal mental health and wellbeing, who form my Editorial Board. These amazing women review all original articles before they’re published, to ensure that our content is as helpful, supportive and accurate as possible. At Motherdom we know that publishing content about maternal mental health has to be done with the utmost care, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

Who is it for?

Motherdom is for all parents with young children who are interested in maintaining positive wellbeing.

MIND says that 1 in 5 women will experience a perinatal mental health issue, and from Motherdom’s own research, we know that the problems don’t stop when baby is 12 months old. We spoke to 1000 mums with kids under 5 in March 2019 and found that over half have felt anxious since having a child, 45% have felt low, and over a third (35%) depressed. The level of care across the UK for perinatal mental health is variable, and a report from Healthwatch England (Sep 2019) found that 47% of women who needed mental health services found it ‘difficult’ or ‘very difficult’ to get support.

As Dr Claudia Pastides (a member of Motherdom’s Editorial Board), says, the early years of parenthood are when mums and dads can be at their most vulnerable. 

Of course, Motherdom can never hope to fill the NHS’ shoes – I was lucky enough to get Cognitive Behavioural Therapy through the NHS – which was life changing for me. Motherdom is absolutely not a mental health service, but we do aim to reach as many parents as possible and give them hope, inspiration and motivation from other mums’ and dads’ stories.


We’re now a truly multimedia platform: having published four print editions of our magazine in 2019, and recently launching our new website in March 2021. We also plan to launch a podcast in late 2021.

Our new website includes:

Our digital re-launch has been very kindly supported by Resonance Ltd, who are a social impact investor.

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Urgent Warning

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If you need further support, please speak to your GP or another healthcare professional within or outside of the NHS. If you are seeking help outside of the NHS, make sure you see someone registered with an appropriate professional body.  There is also lots of information available online via MIND or the NHS website.

If you are feeling in crisis, please speak to your GP, or you can call the Samaritans on 116 123. In an emergency, please call 999 or visit A&E.

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