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By Dr Lucy Maddox. £3.99. Published by Robinson.

Reviewed by Motherdom Editorial Board Member and Specialist Health Visitor in Perinatal and Infant Mental Health, Gill Martin.

Blueprint is the first book written by Dr Lucy Maddox, a highly regarded clinical psychologist, who works predominantly with children, young adults and their families. This book is of interest to both professionals and parents. I found it a fascinating read. As the title states, it’s about ‘how our childhood makes us who we are’.

Initially it takes us on a journey through the history of developmental psychology, describing well-known theories with interest and clarity. If you are an information junkie these sections will really work for you. These and subsequent theories are then cleverly weaved throughout the chapters.

Although best read chronologically, you can dip into each chapter and discover interesting theories about a child’s development of vision, speech, behaviour, morality, play, siblings and the teenage years.  All brought alive through examples from research and clinical practice.

Whilst Lucy takes us on a journey through the development of the infant through to adulthood, there are reassurances that developmental milestones are only guides and individual circumstance plays a part. Throughout the book Lucy offers encouragement to us as parents ‘when things go wrong’. She touches on attachment difficulties with the infant, child behavioural issues and ways to support your child through difficult times. Her vast experience of helping families with complex issues allows the reader to be comforted that nothing is totally irreversible.

Whether this area is familiar or new to you it will be of interest, and give an understanding of who we are and how we got there.

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