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Tomorrow Girl/ Courageous lucy / turning cartwheels

Turning Cartwheels/ Courageous Lucy/ Tomorrow Girl

Tomorrow Girl – A Tale of Mindfulness. By Vikki Conley and Penelope Pratley. £10.99. Published by EK Books. Suitable for 4-8 year olds.  

Courageous Lucy – The Girl Who Liked To Worry. £10.99. By Paul Russell and Cara King. Published by EK Books. Suitable for 4-8 year olds. 

Turning Cartwheels – When trying to fit in leaves you in a spin. £10.99. By Amy Adeney and Amy Calautti. Published by EK Books. Suitable for 5-9 year olds.  

Reviewed by Motherdom Editorial Board member, clinical psychologist and child and adolescent therapist Dr Tanya McDonnaugh.  

Tomorrow Girl – A Tale Of Mindfulness

Tomorrow Girl is a wonderful book about a girl who is always racing to do the next thing. She is so excited about what she will be doing tomorrow that she forgets to take joy in what she is doing today. Tomorrow meets Yesterday whose worries about the past make it difficult for her to enjoy the here and now: “come climb with me,” said Tomorrow, “I can’t”, said Yesterday, “I fell the other day I’ll probably fall again”. Eventually Tomorrow meets Today who opens her eyes to the wonder that is around her if she would only slow down a little and take a look.

Mindfulness, or being mindful, is the act of trying to pay attention to the present moment, without judgement, and noticing when we are getting caught up in worrying about the past or future. With so many sources of potential anxiety for our little ones at the moment, it is easy for children to get caught up in thinking about where they need to get to, things that have not gone to plan in the past, or worries about what the future holds. This book is a wonderful introduction to the therapeutic benefits of stopping to notice the beauty that is around you, of acknowledging your past and considering your future, but also taking pleasure in the here and now.

Courageous Lucy – The Girl Who Liked To Worry

Courageous Lucy is a story about a girl who worries a lot but finds hidden courage that she didn’t know she had.

Lucy knows lots of things and no doubt has lots of hidden talents but is too worried to share these with anyone. Eventually Lucy finds the courage within to take part in the school musical and realises that she can worry and be courageous too!

This is a familiar story that lots of children will identify with, about how worrying can make your world smaller when it stops you from doing things you want to do. The vibrant illustrations bring to life the endless and fantastical worries that we can all conjure up with our imaginations.

This book communicates a lovely message that within every anxious child is a brave soul, and how as adults we can help them to recognise that this already exists within them.

Turning Cartwheels – When trying to fit in leaves you in a spin

Emma wants to join Carley’s cartwheel club, she practices and practices until she cannot practice anymore! Week after week, Emma lines up for a try-out, only to be told that she hasn’t made the cut. When Emma is finally accepted, she finds that Carly’s rules and requirements take all the joy out of cartwheeling, and being part of the gang isn’t as awesome as she expected. She realises that it’s much more fun to be an individual.

A sweet book with colourful and animated illustration about how exhausting it can be trying to fit in and the joy of being and individual.

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